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Mariam Pirbhai’s Writing Space

My Writing Space, in Ginger, Green and Gold My writing space is nothing fancier than a second bedroom-turned-home-office in a suburban home. Perhaps to offset its builder’s-beige-ordinariness, I repainted the walls an earthy shade of “ginger,” but now this colour only makes me think of dhal, the lentil curry that is a culinary staple in […]

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Finding the Form with Jannie Edwards

On Writing “All-Night Mirror: Notes Toward an Elegy” After my older sister died and I went to Wales to help my nieces arrange to bring her body back from Turkish Cyprus, plan her funeral (or in her terms, a FUN-eral) and sort through her chaotic affairs, we discovered in her papers that she wanted a […]

Ringing Changes: Steven Heighton on Sound and Sensibility

It was with great sadness that I heard of the pending death, from ncer, of Steve Heighton, one of TNQ’s initial “Wild Writers”, though I was grateful to have the opportunity to let him know how much I admired him, as a person and a writer. He responded with his usual good grace. A kind, […]

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